Solidary conciousness

Solidary conciousness


Persons or organizations that have developed a sense of social responsibility, a solidary consciousness, and a sensibility towards the less favoured people, can contribute in the following manners::



The figure of the Supporting Member is a substitute for the former Sponsor, changing the aid addressed to an individual child for a more communitarian help addressed to all the children who live in the boarding schools, and orphanages or attend the schools supported by the Foundation.


The regular contributions of the supporting members are destined to the maintenance, education, and medical care of all the children with the greater lack of resources.





The Sympathiser makes sporadic contributions which are destined to support the general aims of the Foundation.





The cooperant collaborates altruistically in the organization of the Foundation, as well as in the direct aid to the children in situ.





Collaborating enterprises, and some social organizations contribute with economic aid to the construction, reforms and improvements of the different boarding schools, orphanages and schools.




All economic contributions are subject to the corresponding fiscal deductions, 25% for physical persons, and 35% for organizations.


The Foundation shall guaranty that the contributions will be destined to the proposed aims and projects. Once the above are accomplished and verified they will be notified to the interested parties.




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All contributions will be effectuated through the BBVA,

account number of the Foundation:   0182/4547/53/0201530928