Objectives and location

The Foundation is created with the essential aim of humanitarian and educational aid to Indian children in need, and also to the diffusion of the practice of Yoga.


The objectives of the Manuel Morata Foundation are centred in the region of Khammam, located in the State of Andhra Pradesh.


This area of India, where The Foundation initiated its activities, is a very poor and very populated area. Most of the children, and especially girls, have very low possibilities for receiving an education. The only way of pulling them out of a life of misery is to offer them the opportunity of being educated without charge in the schools and boarding schools being supported by the Foundation.


With this purpose, the Foundation aims at the cooperation with institutions that suffer from a lack of sufficient resources, thus contributing to the wellbeing of the children, and at the same time developing a solidarity consciousness that will satisfy and ensure our humanity.


The diffusion and transmission of the practice of Yoga will bring great advantages to the emotional education of the children.




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